Total Campaign Management

The entire service chain

E-fulfilment, fulfilment, logistics, and return logistics – in short, the entire service chain behind a web shop. But also the manufacture and fulfilment of plastic cards, ranging from chip cards and customer loyalty promotions to insurance cards. That is what we do, and have been doing for decades. However, what’s even more important is the way we do it: as a chain advisor and director. We will provide IT solutions to take care of this important part of your operational activities for you, leaving you free to be an entrepreneur.

We take care of all of your needs and all of your customers’ needs as well

Hageman takes care of the needs of SMEs as well as multinationals in the above-mentioned fields. You will have your very own Hageman team at your service. We provide warehouses, a vehicle fleet, a Customer Care Centre, and value-added packaging, all entirely in-house. We only ever work with reputable, carefully selected partners. Hageman guarantees a total solution for full-service omni-channel fulfilment.

At Hageman, we fulfil fulfilment promises

Hageman promises an efficient, cost-saving implementation of your needs. We use our various specialties to help fulfil this promise:

  1. Advanced E-fulfilment Software
  2. IIT advice and working solutions
  3. Warehouse Management System
  4. Customer Service

If you are looking for a reliable fulfilment partner, would like to meet for a personal conversation, or have a no-strings-attached look behind the scenes, please call!



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