Outsourcing your E-fulfilment

By E-fulfilment, also known as Omni-channel or E-commerce fulfilment, we mean the entire ordering and service chain behind your web shop or brick-and-mortar points of sale. We take care of the orders, returns, complaints, and customer service. Our advanced E-fulfilment software ensures exact processing and registration of the supplied items. Especially for clients with a wide, deep range, it is very important to have the right IT connections. As such, Hageman invests in maximum monitoring and in obtaining knowledge of your processes beforehand.

E-commerce fulfilment services

Your items are efficiently stored on shelves, unless they have very odd dimensions, in which case we can realise a custom solution. We also use nesting storage crates that turn a single pallet location into 24 unique locations.

This way, we are able to contribute to the success of countless clients who once came knocking on our door with nothing but a good idea.

E-fulfilment company

When you become one of our clients, you will be assigned your own team to monitor your efficiency and service level, aided by our many years of experience and premium-grade automation. We are able to guarantee flexible lead times.

We can do this for all sorts of items, ranging from books to coffee machines and sausages to insurance cards. Moreover, we can also provide promotional packages and customer loyalty programmes.

You will have a skilled and passionate Hageman team at your service! Custom work is our specialty, after all.

E-fulfilment: Customer Care Centre

Our Customer Care Centre staff are there to answer any questions your customers may have on your behalf, going beyond questions about their orders, any amendment thereof, or their invoicing; your dedicated team will also receive training regarding your products, meaning that they will even be able to answer substantive questions, such as questions about how a product works. That way, we turn one-off customers into recurring customers!


Every order is a moment of contact with the customer, and thus an inherently valuable moment. That is why we offer more than just an excellent automated process; we offer a professional Customer Care Centre as well.

If you are looking for a reliable e-fulfilment partner, would like to meet for a personal conversation, or have a no-strings-attached look behind the scenes, please feel free to request information about outsourcing your e-fulfilment; please call!