The founder of Hageman as it currently stands is Philip Hageman. He founded the company in 1953, from his cigar shop in Rotterdam. It started with a fantastic idea of providing its customers with good customer service. He kept track for them of when their driver's licence was about to expire. And promptly asked for new ones, including the paperwork that came with them. This resulted in the Rijbewijzen Centrale. He automatically built an address database of people with a car. A database that was interesting for sellers of car-related products, such as petrol companies, etc.

Expansion and relocation

The Rijbewijzen Centrale was bursting out of its seams and new services were soon added. In 1985, it expanded into the Merwedeweg in Zwijndrecht. Expertise in the field of direct mailing gave rise to the slogan: ‘The Jack-of-all trades from Zwijndrecht’. Kor, Philips’ youngest son had slowly matured within the company and took over the company in 1986.

A new branch of sport: Fulfilment

The demand for unique direct mailing (DM) and the entire administrative organisation surrounding it exploded and this is how a specialist Fulfilment department came into being. This called for extensive automation and so ICT solutions were developed in-house, starting in 2000, that gave clients insight into all the fulfilment services.

A service provider to the core

In 2004, the company moved to its current address: Pascalstraat in Zwijndrecht. Centrally located and with room to grow. That space was soon taken up by expanding the existing services, and new services such as logistics and Cards. The market was also becoming increasingly international. Hageman established branches in Belgium and Germany.

Growing big by paying attention to the little things

Since its foundation in 1953, Hageman has focused on ATTENTION. Everything we do revolves around attention to the smallest detail. Every customer contact, every DM item and every Card is incredibly important to us. Every day we make a difference with the service we offer. That’s why we work for and with very reputable companies and brands. We look forward with confidence to steady growth and a bright future for our company.