Warehousing & Logistics


Our modern Dutch warehouse is located in a strategic A-grade location in Zwijndrecht in the province of Zuid-Holland, featuring 7,500 pallet locations and 2,000 shelving units. We open shop at 8:00am every morning and continue accepting orders until 9:00pm each night, which we then ship that very same day. We also manage our own road transportation. All orders are placed in a fully automated fashion, using our own plug-ins for all possible web shop platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Joomla!, and more. We also offer an online tool to view your stock in real time. We would also be happy to advise you on your stock policy. After all, having the right amount of the right items in stock at any one time determines your stock costs for a large part.

Value-Added Packaging

What kind of packaging will surprise your customers? What is the potential added value of packaging? And what about sustainable packaging? How much are you willing to spend? We like to put our thoughts and actions to good use and help you with these matters as well.

Our own 50-member packaging team can combine various elements to create the perfect packaging, display, or other point-of-sale materials in no time.

If you are looking for a reliable fulfilment partner, would like to meet for a personal conversation, or want to have a no-strings-attached look behind the scenes, please call!


Storage and transport form the basis for our logistical service provision. Responding to our national and international clients’ needs and desires is a continuous process. We have expanded our follow-up activities more and more throughout the years.

For example, we have been handling return processing (RMA) for many years now, including the retrieving, cleaning and repairing, repackaging, storing, and redistributing of (seasonal) items and point-of-sale materials.

Various storage conditions

Different kinds of goods have different kinds of storage requirements. We are fully aware of that. Expiry dates, temperatures, and HACCP-related conditions require a strict monitoring by an unerring stock management system.

We use our very own vehicle fleet for the transportation, featuring commercial vehicles for all different types of transportation. We offer a variety of options for pallet transport and transport of dangerous substances for full routes, rush orders, and events distribution. We are also able to increase our capacity during peak periods.

As such, we never say no.

Return processing logistics

The way in which your business processes returns directly correlates with your customer satisfaction rates. As such, return processing is a vital part of our service chain. We communicate effectively with your clients as well as ensuring speedy refunds.

We process and log all returns immediately. You can view all stock statuses in real time, divided up into various categories: suitable for reuse, can be made suitable for reuse, and not suitable for reuse. This information will help you properly analyse the cause of any returns and prevent them in the future. Seasonal, promotional, and point-of-sale materials – say you are an ice cream manufacturer. We can provide your customers with your freezer systems, parasols, and point-of-sale materials each summer.

Then once summer has ended, we retrieve, check, and repair all of your materials and store them for next year. Or say you are a telecom tycoon with countless retail promotions each year; we can make sure that your point-of-sale materials reach your points of sale. Our people, dressed in your company clothing, will set up all of the materials and then retrieve them once the promotion has ended.

If you are in a different line of work from the ones mentioned here, fear not; we can provide the right logistics.

If you are looking for a reliable logistics partner, would like to meet for a personal conversation, or want to have a no-strings-attached look behind the scenes, please call!