Personalised insurance cards and accompanying letters for ONVZ

In addition to a digital and printed copy of their policy, healthcare insurer ONVZ also provides its policyholders with an insurance card bearing their name. Hageman takes care of manufacturing and personalising these cards, as well as printing the accompanying letters and any attachments. Our Plastic Cards System then uses digital reading technology to ensure that the right cards are stuck to the right letters. A letter can feature up to six cards (for a family of six) in a single envelope, saving the dispatcher a lot in postage.

We realised a 100% match between insurance cards and accompanying letters specifically for ONVZ by using the policyholders’ citizen service numbers without including those in the cards or letters themselves. From implementing changes for existing policyholders and replacing lost and stolen insurance cards to issuing new cards for new policyholders, we take care of everything, every single day!





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