Hageman has been the leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of (laminated plastic) cards for all sorts of purposes for many years now.

Advanced Bowe & Evolis equipment

Our plastic cards centre has all of the latest Bowe and Evolis equipment, allowing us to equip cards with all of the necessary details in one go: address details, ID numbers, the right coding (magnetic strip, chip, RFIS, QR code) and even a scratch-off layer if desired.


On top of that, we can take care of the accompanying card mailing for you, ranging from the personalising, coding, and monitored shipment of plastic cards to folding and printing the accompanying letters and attachments as well as putting these in envelopes. Separate sheets or rolls, attachments, QR codes… Everything is possible!

Our plastic cards match ISO standards and are strong and wrinkle-proof, meaning they can be used for a long time.

Endless range of plastic cards

We do not only supply physical ID cards, PIN cards, credit cards, insurance cards, phone cards, fuel cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, and more. We can also take care of your card mailings for you.

One of the options is having your plastic cards hand-wrapped in fancy gift packaging. In fact, we can even provide you with a complete loyalty programme, linked to a particular card.

Loyalty programme featuring plastic cards

Customers are sensitive to being rewarded for repeat purchases. A loyalty card or gift card is a great way to stimulate their loyalty, and thus any future spending. Moreover, these cards provide you with a treasure trove of valuable marketing information.

Hageman is also an excellent partner for companies with a loyalty or savings programme. We not only make sure your customers receive your cards,


but also take care of the entire fulfilment of your loyalty programme, such as your credit administration system, your reporting, the communication with your customers, and the database management.

Did you know that we process half a million changes of address on cards disseminated by us each year?

If you are looking for a reliable fulfilment partner for your plastic cards, would like to meet for a personal conversation, or want to have a no-strings-attached look behind the scenes, please call!