Logistics services for the events industry

We have been handling the entire delivery and return logistics for Unilever products for the events industry for several years now. This is a large range of products featuring freezers, cooling systems, parasols, ice cream carts, and ice cream trains.

Hageman and Unilever have been combining their knowledge and expertise for several years now. The various logistical processes and software underwent extensive testing beforehand. Thanks to our services, Unilever has enjoyed the following results:

  • real-time insight into the exact location of all units
  • recording of all actions by way of serial numbers
  • full insight into all of the costs for each product, as well as all additional costs
  • optimum guaranteed cost reduction
  • transparent invoicing at the individual assets level

= Cost savings in terms of

  • storage
  • transport of deliveries/returns
  • repair & maintenance
  • lifespan and costs at the individual assets level
  • return logistics

Return logistics

At the end of each event, Hageman retrieves all units and stores them in our own technologically advanced warehouses in Zwijndrecht and West-Malle (Belgium). The retrieved units are then readied for their next use by our driven team of experts and then delivered to the next event. This process repeats itself throughout the products’ entire lifespan.

Repair & Maintenance services

  • Entry check of all goods returning from an event
  • Assessment of whether the goods can be reused
  • Cleaning and maintenance work
  • Goods are readied for use; new sticker sets, baskets, lids, and POS materials
  • Goods are prepared for shipping to their next event

All of the operational aspects and IT solutions are linked in the most efficient way, and maximum monitoring and transparency are guaranteed. The result is considerable cost savings on sales for Unilever for this elaborate logistical project.


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