Correct processing of orders and excellent customer service, that is what your customers are looking for, and what your business is all about. It’s possible, and can even be achieved without you having to manage it. Hageman has been the silent driving force behind the success of a long list of well-known businesses for many years now.

Hageman, the leading ‘last mile’ specialist

We are the leading specialist in storage and accurate stock management, order and response processing, efficient order picking, packaging, shipment, and returns processing.

We can also take care of customer service and invoicing for you. In short, we can take care of all of your needs and care for your customers in every way imaginable.

Partial or full fulfilment packages

We offer the entire ordering and service chain in-house:

Product Fulfilment & After Sales
Database Fulfilment
Financial Fulfilment
Warehousing & Logistics
Value-Added Packaging

The advantage of this approach is that all of the links in the chain are perfectly aligned, preventing errors and delays, and with that, unnecessary costs and dissatisfied customers!

Product Fulfilment & After Sales

Product Fulfilment & After Sales refers to the process from the initial contact with the client, through the ordering and product delivery process, down to any aftercare that may be needed.

You will have your own dedicated project team. That paired with our Modern Response Centre allows us to guarantee that everything runs perfectly, and that your customers are always heard properly.

Real-time reports keep you informed of everything that is going on. We take care of your loyalty programmes, promotional packages, marketing campaigns and aftersales services.


Correct and up-to-date database management is crucial for the success of your business. Our in-house IT department provides tailor-made solutions to help with that.

These solutions are not only aligned with your business processes, but also optimised even further!

Financial Fulfilment

Financial Fulfilment deals with the processing, managing, following up on, and reporting on various forms of payment, including reminders and refunds.

We are able to process all possible forms of payment (both online and offline) at very competitive rates, as well as optimise your financial administration.

If you are looking for a reliable fulfilment partner, would like to meet for a personal conversation, or want to have a no-strings-attached look behind the scenes, please call!