Unilever Benelux

Ola, Magnum and Ben&Jerry are our country’s best known brands. Do you ever buy one of those incredibly delicious ice creams at the supermarket or at a petrol station? Then you’ve come into contact with Hageman unnoticed!

Sophisticated distribution operation

Hageman provides the full service logistics operation for the freezers for Unilever Benelux. We do everything we can to give every freezer the perfect look. And by everything we mean not only delivering, but also retrieving and storing (if necessary), testing, cleaning and re-starting the units.


Everything up to and including Customer Care

In addition to the ice cream brands, we also give Unilever Benelux total peace of mind about the Lipton brand, in the field of cooling, parasols and Point-of-Sale material. The technological basis is atailor-made webportal (dashboard) with real-timetraceability that has been developed by Hageman. Smart ICT links ensure that all our data seamlessly connect to Unilever's systems, at asset level as well. Hageman’s back office acts as a Customer Care Service for Unilever.

Long-standing relationship

The fine, long-standing collaboration withUnilever Benelux is based on transparency and trust. We see providing optimum service and creating a unique product as our greatest responsibility.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about our unique services, and see what solutions we offer customers? Get in touch with us. Fora pleasant chat and a tour of our organisation and warehouses. You’ll be most welcome!

Vergelijkbare cases


Membership cards, SIM cards, loyalty cards... Name a ‘card’ and we'll make it. From cardboard or plastic, it doesn’t matter. And we also take care of all the handling involved in sending out these passes. We do this for a lot of national and international brands. Just think of retailers, insurers and telephone companies. The chance that you may own a ‘Hageman card’ is therefore very high!

FrieslandCampina – Lattiz

No doubt you will enjoy a delicious creamy cappuccino or a latte macchiato in a Grand Café, or on a sunny terrace. Made with the three most important ingredients: powerful espresso, a dash of love from the barista and especially Lattiz, the perfect milk foam from FrieslandCampina. Then you’ve come into contact with Hageman unnoticed!